Weekly retrospective #42: The real difference between an iPhone and a DSLR

Today I want to talk about the real differences between an iPhone and a high professional DSLR. No, I don't want to talk about senosor sizes, lens quality or something else. I don't want to do pixelpeeping or other unrealistic comparisons.

Just a simple analysis between two completely different image recording systems which exists side by side that output images. This is a very personal study, based on my experience with several mobile phone cameras and DSLRs (APS-C and FF).

Shooting with an iPhone (or a similar smartphones) feels a little bit like driving with your first (second-hand) car. You enjoy the experience of driving and getting some scratches or dents in your car paint doesn't matter, the car is used the freedom of driving covers everything. With a professional DSLR you are into something, it's like having an expensive sport coupé, you will drive carefully and a dirt road makes you cry, because you are afraid of the gravel and the dust. Every mistake could cause a heartattack.

Shooting with an iphone is in contrast to a DSLR a hardware-software experience. It is not only the tiny size of the mobile phone and the fact that you can carry it whereever you go, it's based on the combination between the camera and the apps. Sure a DSLR has software too, but here serious functionality comes to the fore, a professional camera don't rely on fancy software gimmicks to get beautiful pictures.

But one of the most important fact of the mobile photography is the ability to turn a mistake you've made while shooting into an artistic image, against you will receive crap when doing the same with a DSLR!

So enjoy shooting with both system. Each one is able to do things the other can't do ... and really, really don't try to compare them. As always, enjoy the images. Try to find out which pictures has been taken with what kind of camera.


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