Weekly retrospective #24: IS THAT ANALOGUE?

Have to share that with you. I was part of an exhibition last week which opened in Murnau last week.
I entered two images for the show and one of them, called "LEMMER", you see below.

A journalist/photographer who was there for making an article about the exhibition came to me and asked me about the image:

He: What does the picture show. Is this a roller coaster?
Me: No, it's a lighthouse. I took the image directly from below.
He: Okay I see. What kind of film did you use for that. 800 or 1600 ASA?
Me: None. It's digital
He: Pause, after a while: Aha. The grain looks gorgeous. Thought it is analogue.
Me: No. It's digital. It's from an iPhone.
He: Long pause. It's looking gorgeous.

So I'm not out for fising compliments, but wanted to show you that especially in artistic photography the border between digital and analogue images become blurred more and more. If the look of an image corresponds to the content you will have problems to verify howo the images has been made or edited. Even if claim your self a professional. Enjoy.


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