Weekly retrospective #24: HADEPH EXPECTATIONS!

Normally this should be the second part of my HADEPH LIMITATIONS, but the more I think about the limitation of the fixed lens I want to talk about things you really can do well with the fixed lens of the Nokia 808. For example architectural work or technical documentation.

You will find some samples here which show the capabilities of the 808. Due to the wide anle lens it can capture a wide area with an immensive amount of detail. Best to achive that is to capture the things you want to photograph with low ISO settings. You can go down to ISO 50 with the 808!
If you see that you can't keep the phone steady you want to use a tripod. Nokia has a very nice adapter which will fit to any tripod.

The images below have been taken in and around Munich: Pinakothek der Moderne, BMW World
Maybe next week we will talk again about LIMITATIONS. Till then: Happy Halloween!



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