Weekly retrospective #21: PRIME LENS

The more I shoot, the more I have to admit that I love to shoot with a fixed or better called prime lens. While it’s cool to have a fixed position and zoom to interesting subjects I like to move, jump, klimb or lay down to get the positions I want to have. Although the Nokia has a formidable zoom feature and the iPhone let you zoom too, I like to frame my image ideas with a prime lens. It turns out that I use a fixed lens setting even with my Canon G1X.

Moving around gives me more of the feeling being a part of the scene than standing at a fixed point and get all the detail through the zoom lens.

For sure, that is not possible for all photographic areas like nature and wildlife photography but for my search of subjects, shapes and patterns it’s perfect.

Below you will find a few recent shots I did, all with a prime lens. Enjoy


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