Weekly retrospect #3: LUCKY ME!

Lucky me!
The last week was busy one, as I had a presentation in front of the board of directors of the RBK which is the regional artistic community I wanted to be a member of. I presented photographs  and no illustrations which was highly respected by the group. One of the committee members was Tom Schmid a profiled photographer who has been working for some great clients. I have been asked several things about this and that and after a while we split and they said that they will inform me if I’m in or not. So the lucky mail came and now I’m a regular member of the RBK. I will keep you informed when there is an exhibition and what will be shown there.

The next big thing was the application for a membership of the online photo community PhotoPortale (http://www.photoportale.de/). A bunch of highly respected semiprofessional and professional photographers. No pixelpeepers, pure artists. I send them my application together with the links to my online portfolios … and got accepted!
Really, really a good week.

Below you will find an image I did not show for the applications. Enjoy!


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