Weekly retrospect #2 / THE BEAUTY OF OLD FILM

A lot of modern digital cameras offer the ability to directly capture black & white images while shooting. I don’t like that, as the right colored image is the perfect base for the b&w conversion. In contrast to a colored image the b&w pictures are constructed out of these parameters:   compositing (the overall arrangement of objects in the picture) and value (the converted RGB channels to grayscale). So if you shoot directly black and white you loose the chance to later fine tune the “color sensitivity” of the conversion. This is important as no conversion will take place with the same parameters. And the more control you have the more subtle changes you can make before you finalize the image.

You have noticed that I love to shoot machines and other mechanical parts and the reason for that is not only the fact that I love the structure and shade. It is also the unalterable fact that these machinery has been built by real men and not by robots. I plan to do a series in the near future where I want to face the machines with workers and engineers who built them.
Stay tuned.


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