Weekly retrospective # 16: The Flow of Time

Okay, this week only two images ... hmm I decided two add more images.
One iPhone, two G1X and one Nokia image (total six images).

In the past, long time ago when only analoge cameras have been around I did this before, but never tried the technique with digital cameras. Why? No idea. Too many structures and other things around that need to be captured.

I'm taking about Neutral Density filters, or short ND filters.

Normally you have to buy these and put them in front of your lens to caputure movement in a single image at daylight. Some modern cameras like the iPhone and the Canon G1X have them built-in, so you can use them without the need of additional filter equipment. Not exactly true for the iPhone, as you need an app called "Slow Shutter" to get this effect. Slow Shutter is a complete set of filters, you can adjust the time for the capturing and the sensitivity of the "camera".

The Canon G1X has also a built-in ND filter which makes it quite easy to use (plus a much bigger sensor than the iPhone). But I never wanted to compare these cameras, just get the best artwork.

I went to a small canyon, called Paehler Schlucht, nice walk with some small waterfalls.

And now the two, completely different "impressions" of nearly the same scenery.



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