Creating Images

There are two basic ways creating new images in photography. One is to sit down and think about a scenery and what will be needed to realize that. This is the way most studio images are created. The other way is to walk around and shoot what you see. In both ways your brain-minicomputer is the power behind, but the creative workflow is completely different. Please keep in mind that if you walk around you are using one of the cheapest lenses available on the market ... your own eyes. Okay they are able to generate true 3D images, but no chance to save what you see (very limited, the older you get the less pwoerful this will be), no chance to print out, no zoom, but a high dynamic range and so on .... but you are using it all the time! So here is the fact, images are created in your own mind, with or without using the built-in lens. No other gear required! So this leads to the matter of fact that photographic gear is nice, but ranks second. It’s all about what you want to achieve. If you only want to shape out ideas or experimenting with the medium photography an iPhone might be enough. If you are looking for pixels, super sharp images or capturing a sports event you may need a DSLR.
Below you will find images I shot recently with the iPhone. Nothing for pixel-peepers, but maybe  worth a look in relation to layout, spontaneity and textures.

Btw. I've created a portfolio page with a lot of images and illustrations (, as well as a facebook fan page will go online soon (you will be informed). Please be so kind to spread the word and forward the link to that page and my blog.




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