Weekly retrospective #71: What's in my bag (on city trips)

Coming back from a short trip to the wonderful city of Torino with a bunch of images and the fact that other photographers asked me what I carry with me on those trips ... I will give a an overview what I'm using.

As I want to experience a new environment as best as possible, I don't want to carry my professional studio equipment with me. I'm no friend of changing lenses on a crowded market place and for sure don't want to train my back with extra kilos of camera equipment.

So here what I carry with me: Tamrac 4276 bag. This bag is wonderful, ergonomic in terms of size and weight and robust. A Sigma DP2 Merill with an extra battery, a SIGMA DP3 Merill with an extra battery, my Nokia 1020, power cords for my iPhone and my Nokia and an Easy ACC power bank. The iPhone 6 you see is always in my pocket, but will find a place when necessary.

Below the SIGMA DP2 you see a quick release plate for the Manfrotto compact tripod MKC3-H01, which I have in my luggage for long exposure shots. On of those quick release plates I have a Shoulderpod rig to carry my iPhone or my Nokia for the same purpose.

If you have more questions don't hestitate to ask me. And now some images new and old ones).



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