Weekly retrospective #33: Style by mistake!

Today I want to take about mistakes and how they might help you to develop a new styles or ... how they will help you that you won't make the same error twice. ;-)

One of my favourite places to be and to take images is at the Botanical Garden in Munich. It's always worth to go there. In Summer and in Winter. In Winter the greenhouse is a cornucopia for themes as so many different species of plants and flowers live here. So one day I went there and due to my own wrong camera settings I got several images which only showed a very, very small portion of sharp areas, while the other parts totally went creamy and blurry. I wanted to delete the images while looking through the SD card, but then I had an idea.

Why not take such images intentionally, do a little bit of extra edit so the scenes seems to be from outer space. Looking for an abstract basic idea I launched that experiment. So what you see is a first treatment, more will follow. The technique don't work with every item in front of your lens, but some do great. You will say that you have seen such images before and you are right, but for me it's another way to create ideas out of nothing.

Thanks for watching. Enjoy!


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