Weekly restrospective #35: a follow up on #31

Couldn't resist to take some older images I found in my library for which I had almost no use, because the resolution was so bad, or the theme itself was boring.

If you have read my retropsectives about my image editing you will easily find out that
I was born in the wrong century. I really like the old stuff and not the clean super-photoshoped images that are around wherever you will look. On the other side I'm really happy to live in a time period where digital cameras rules, so the time between capturing an image and developing won't take several hours.

If you want to get such looks by yourself I would recommend to read the following books:
"In the Darkroom" by Sarah Kennel, which offers a perfect look at the different photographic processes which have been used since the invention of photography.

A more in-depth look at those processes you will find in "The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes" by Christopher James.

Sure you can always use predefined filtering in a lot of software application out there, but the images you look at have been processed in at least 10 different single development stages (most of them more). And in different applications: Photoshop, apps on the iPad (Snapseed, Picfx) and Photoshop plugins like TOPAZ and EXPOSURE.

Hope you like it. Enjoy!


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