Weekly retrospective #31: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue ...

No marriage today, just found that sentence on the internet and some parts of it apply to photography too. Photography is always a marriage between different aspects, skills and traditions. In my case the NEW equals the digital camera equipment, OLD equals the sculptures, machines or buildings I'm taking photos of, something borrowed might be the additional equipment that will be used like flashes, lenses etc. And BLUE .... may equals my blue jeans or the color of the sky. You see, no serious comparison, but photography is nothing else than a marriage between different parts which will end up in a single image.

Today I like to present you some images (NEW) of machinery (OLD), one of my favourite theme. I like to take images which look boring at first and then edit these pictures on the iPad and in Photoshop to get a look that transmit the viewer into another time period.

I'm fascinated by the photographs taken during the industrial revolution. The photographers wanted to document the real power and beautiness of those machines.

The images below have been taken with a bunch of different cameras, all edited on the iPad and PS6 (mostly TOPAZ and EXPOSURE).



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