Weekly retrospective #13: NEW MOBILE BUDDY

Since last week I own a brand new Nokia 808 Pureview. So here some words and images about my new mobile companion. My last Nokia was a … can’t remember, one of those phones in the pre-iPhone area where you only could talk to someone over the phone. So nothing important to remember, just a mobile phone that works as expected.

My first impression is that the 808 is phantastic phone with a lot of features but I act differently with that phones as with my iPhone 4. The carefreeness is missing a bit and of course all the nice photo apps that are stored on my iPhone.

I also was not able to get every image as expected especially in full res mode. The Pure View mode on the other hand is extraordinary IMO. You can zoom at 8 megapixels  without any loss of quality.
Also there are plenty of buttons for fine tuning if you want to capture a macro scene, a hyperfocal scene, if you want to adjust exposure, use the flash and so on.

Still trying to get the most out of the beast. 

Stay tuned ….


  1. Nokia 808 Pureview is really make pure quality camera images but it is better then iPhone 4S Camera?

    Nokia is really make good Mobile Phones in Tech industry last year it release new Lumia mobile phones series with Windows Mobile OS and they are keep update with their Symbin OS.

  2. Hi James,

    I can onyl speak for the iPhone 4, not the 4s. The image quality is very, very good. The most noticeable fact is not the pure resolution at 38MP, for me it is the zoom quality at 8 MP. And the images are more editable then the iPhone images.

    Would be great if Nokia could add a function to safe TIFF files.
    The biggest difference between the two phones is the fact that I use the Nokia more as a camera, while the iPhone is more the creative tool.
    Still trying to get the most out of this handy ... ehm, camera, lot things still to discover.


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