Weekly retrospective #9: CHOGWAN!

Chogwan, better known as Polo is a very interesting event and one of the oldest team sports in the world.
We have been able to watch a local Polo trophy only a few kilometers from home on Saturday.
Fascinating! Not only the horses and the game itself, the people watching  the play are always worth a look … or in my case worth to be captured by my camera. I walked around the whole field twice and noticed several “colleagues” shooting with huge lenses and high-end bodies like Nikon D3 and Canon 1D. They looked at me too but when they saw my Nikon D7000 a disrespect smile filled their face, so I was no real risk for their supremacy.

My own words about that. 90% of all photographers at this event, either professional or semi-professional didn’t move one centimeter in the two hours I have been there. Is this necessary to make the best photos? I don’t think so. For me photography has always been a dynamic sport with movement, kneeing, positioning and so on, never something static. Also, I turned around to shoot the things and people in support area. Look what I found. Enjoy.


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