Weekly retrospective #73: When two do the same thing it is never quite the same thing

Have you ever been done a project with another photographer? And I'm not talking about attending a workshop.

A real project where you shoot the same set? Believe me it is worth every minute!

Some time ago I get in contact (via facebook) with Sabine Schoenberger, a professional photographer based in Germany (http://www.sabine-schoenberger.de/). After some time we decided to launch a project together. Shooting a model in a fairy tale like garden full of azaleas (rhododendron).

Sabine organized all the things we needed (models, makeup, dresses, hair) and at the end we had two gorgeous models! Thanks A lot for that Sabine! One of the models is also a fantastic designer: Valentina Braun (http://www.valentinabraun.com/). You will find the other model (Iliana) here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Iliana/385865438237903?fref=ts

Sure, I had some expecations with that shooting, but the whole things was an equation with three "unknowns". Will it work to shoot the same set and get different that won't look too similar?
Will the workflow be flawless? Can I shoot a romantic scenery?

You will see the some results below and may judge by yourself, but you will see, the results are remarkable different (left side Sabine, right my pictures). Even changing same place with the same model leads into a different picture. It's all about "observing" the other photographer and comparing taht with your own skill set and experience. This all ends in a personal "review" of your own method of shooting.

I learned a lot about my own shooting process, about positions, timing, posing and the power of guided light. The whole day was full of energy and with no dissonances, a shooting day that I really want to repeat. Being at the same set with another photographer helps you to define your own photography.  I did things and moves I've never done before, so this opened my mind for a lot of new projects.

Stay tuned, maybe there is another new project with Sabine in the pipeline. ;-)

A special thanks to Natalie Cat Brandner for the make up and
for the hair kyre powered by TONI & GUY's

Thanks for watching!



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