Weekly retrospective #70: Shine a little light!

The better camera technology gets, the better the sensors come along.

For example, you could use a Sony A7s like a night cam. The camera itself is specialized on low light and this also means you can work with other light sources. You can now use candle light and other light sources which doesn't emit enough light when in use with traditional DSLRs.

I would like to have a Sony A7s ... but have none at the moment. So here is the questions ... do I always have to use heavy flashes or huge LED panels to get a scenrey lit perfectly?
Of course not, you will say, but how "low" on light equipment I can go?

Below you will find a picture of a shooting I did last week (Nikon D800, 1.8/50mm). We shot some gorgeous hats and yes, we had a lot of fun. Below that picture you will find a snapshot of the equipment I've been using. A super cheap (yellowish) led lamp from a discounter and a more expensive  Heider CFX. I used the Heider CFX for the main light source and the cheap torch for a catch light.

One big problem of the lamps is the fact that they have no "true" color range, you have to adjust that if possible in Photoshop or the app you are using for editing your RAW files. And you can't control the power of those lamps. You need to add some tranparent materials in front to diffuse the light, but they are fun to use, as you can really experiment with those lights.

More test will follow, this was just the beginning.


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