Weekly retrospective #69: Beeing an illustrator!

After such a long time, the first post which is dedicated to illustration.

Beeing a photographer enables you to visualize dreams, no matter if you are shooting a landscape or arranging a portrait shoot in a studio. Sure, it depends on your equipment and how good you planned your "stage" but it is possible to make breathtaking imagery.

Illustration on the other side is a little bit like playing God. You start with a complete blank piece of paper (or what ever medium you prefer) and you fuel it with all your imagination and remembrance. No piece is predefined like during a shooting where you access things that have been developed and build by other people. In Illustration everything is "constructed" by your own.

Beeing a photographer and illustrator is something very special for me.
The next step will be to marry both. So stay tuned.

Hopefully "breathtaking" images will show up here soon.

The image below is called "Vomit" ... and symbolizes the meaning of "creativity" for me, which could be a hard way sometimes and not so easy as many people think it would be.


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