Weekly retrospective #67: Mr. Steichen and myself

Plaese do me a favour and don't look at the date of the last post!
Uahh, need to keep my blog more actual. Two posts a year are definitely too little.

Today I wanna speak about one of my favourite photographers: Edward Steichen.
A famous photographer who has been promoted by Alfred Stieglitz and was a famous representative of the Pictorialism in America.

I really love the way his pictures are constructed and edited. He developed a lot images in a method called Photogravure, a further development of the Aquatinta print technique.
For me it combines the best of both worlds: illustration and photography.

Maybe that is the most important point for me as I'm coming from illustration and graphics.
So my aim is to get the look and feel of those prints together with the impressive lighting Steichen did ... of course without to copy him.

Not an easy task, but I'm trying.

Below you will find my most recent result. Enjoy. More to come.

Model: Laura Luisa
Visa: Laura Luisa
Jewellery: Claudia Doerr


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