Weekly retrospective #65: What motivates us?

 All our work is influenced by things we see day by day, but also by experiences we've made over the past decades.

I often think about these when I look at the work of young photographers that have not the overload I carry with me from the past. I grew up with black&white television, only 3 tv programs ... and those shut down every night at 12pm. Can you imagine? No permanent accessibility! Hard to do if you are a women or a man around 25. 

We drove cars without any airbags, head-rests, ABS or something similar. No mobile phones, only fixed phones with very short cables. No web! If you want to get informations about something you hadto go to a library! To be honest: I don't think that these have been the "good old times". They have ben different (with no jugdment in mind). And of course we had cameras with only one ISO that you need to choose before you start shooting, but also superb lenses and limited 24 or 36 exposures to take.

I'm a big fan of todays digital camera techniques and of course mobile photography with all its possibilities ... but I'm sure all my experiences I've made have a huge influence on my daily work. The way I shoot and the subjects I'm looking for. I'm sure this will be the same fact for the actual young generation turing 50 in the future.

What do you think?

Enjoy those pictures from the past month or so. All images taken and processed on the iPhone.


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