Weekly retrospective #64: The very best way to enhance your work!

Yeah I know, too much time between those blog entries.

No time for apologies .... on with an new entry. So let's start.

Ever watched a tutorial video on how you can enhance your artist skills?
Sure you did. Like we all did in the past. Some are better, somer are not so good.
But they have all one thing in common: they show other images or drawings.
Not yours!

Sure you can put your images in one of those numerous forums out there and get some serious critics. Or you get flamed, as you don't know who is sitting there to judge your images. The only way to get a good review of your portfolio is attending a show where they offer such services.

But wait. there is another great way to get serious critics (if you want). You need some time and best of it you can do it by yourself. Yes, no joke. You will insist that you can't judge an image by yourself as you are the creator of the art. Trust me this will enhance your work.

Put the image, drawing or painting in front of you ... and now tell youself loud an clear what you see. Yes, that's all. Like withe the picture below.

I see a black&white image of two skyscrapers on top of a steel frame, or parking deck.
My position is low (on the street), I used a tele lens to capture the scene. The sky is completely black.
Do this as precise as possible. If you want, write it down.
Now onto the most important part of your "description" ... the questioning:
Why black&white? Why not in color? Any reason for that?
Why a tele photo? Any chance to get higher for the shot? And if, why would you do it?

If you answer your questions correct, you will easily find the strength and the wekaness of your image. Maybe you have taken it from that position because you have been too lazy to get a few levels up? Or there was no chance from that position.

And because you are questioning the image you will discover a lot about your own image, your intention when you go out shooting and how to improve. And all that for no money and with no other help (This works also very well with illustrations and paintings).

Btw., this works too with a person that is not envloved in photography. In most cases they cleary define and shape out what's going on with an image.



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